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OSECHI Ryori Japanese New Year’s special dishes

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OSECHI Ryori (OSECHI) is a special New Year’s dishes. Many kinds of dishes are put in  the boxes. These boxes is called “JU-BAKO”, and usually used 3 boxes.

1st Box(ICHI-no Ju)

IWAI ZAKANA(3 kinds traditional dishes) AND KINTON, DATEMAKI, EBI etc…




2nd Box(NI-no Ju)

Gurilled fishes and Vinegared foods

BURI or Other fish




3rd Box(SAN-no Ju)

NIMONO(Simmered dishes)

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Basic percentage of soup for NIZAKANA(Simmered fish)

NIZAKANA is simmered fishes with soy sauce and sake, sugar. It is often called NITSUKE of ***. (*** is name of fish). Many kinds of fishes are eaten in Japan, and almost fishes are suitable for simmered. There are many ways of simmering, but this is basic way using soy sauce. There is some important points for NIZAKANA. Clean fish Remove scales and slimes. If you cook bony parts, remove parts with dark-red with blood. This cleaning is done by using water, but sometime pouring hot water on fish, in case, you should get it cool soon by cold water. Use …



Contents1 Basic JAPANESE DASHI = KATSUO & KONBU DASHI2 KONBU DASHI3 NIBOSHI DASHI(IRIKO DASHI)4 SHIITAKE DASHI5 Postscript Basic JAPANESE DASHI = KATSUO & KONBU DASHI KATSUO&KONBU Dashi is used almost Japanese recipes, it is often called ICHIBAN DASHI(=first DASHI). When you search any Japanese recipes, if you find the words “Dashi” or “Japanese soup stock”, this means “use KATSUO & KONBU DASHI”. This dashi is essential for each Japanese meal, but almost Japanese feels making Dashi is too much hassle. HOW TO MAKE KATSUO & KONBU DASHI About KATSUOBUSHI(=dried bonito) About KONBU(KOBU) KONBU DASHI Making KONBU DASHI is easy, only using dried Konbu(=Kelp) …


Percentage of Teriyaki sauce for Japanese Washoku

Teriyaki is a method of cooking in Japan. This is the way to grill fishes or meats with sweet soy sauce, this sauce is called “Tare” in Japan. Basic Tare of Teriyaki This is very easy. Basic percentage is Soy sauce : Sake : Mirin : Sugar = 2:2:2:1 Sugar can be controlled by yourself. You maybe get Teriyaki sauce at some shops, but it’s wrong if you only put the sauce. To grill with Tare is important. Sometimes we add a ginger,  or using honey instead of sugar, and if we don’t have Mirin, we use only Sake and …

Yamagataya soy sauce

Most delicious soy sauce in 2017

The soy sauce fair is hold every year in Japan from 1973. Four soy sauces get  the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award. This is No.1 award. I always use Yamabun soy sauce of Yamagataya because this brewery is near by my house. Yamagataya gets this award not only 2017, but 2016, 2014 and 2013. Yamabun soy sauce (Yamagataya) Denrai soy sauce (Marujudaiya) Tomoe soy sauce (Fukuyama brewery) Sweet soy sauce (Chugoku soy sauce brewery) no website Delicious soy sauce makes your cooking so good. But unfortunately above brewery not ships to oversea. If you want to try, please contact me.  …