Kuromame Mitsuni for New year dishes in Japan

2017/12/05   -Recipes

Essential dishes for OSECHI, Kuromame is one of  the three IWAI-ZAKANA. There are many recipes, below recipe is a easy version I think. If you know more traditional way, please go to Traditional Kuromame for Japanese new year. Ingredients Black soy beens(dried):250g <A> Water:1000cc Sugar:150-180g(white sugur or granulated sugar recommeded) Soy source:30cc Salt:1/4tsp Baking Soda:1/2tsp Directions Put <A> in a souce pan, boring it to a boil once(about 30 seconds) and cooling down. Rinse dried black soy beens, and drain in a strainer. Put beens into 1 and let it out overnight. Once boiled, skim the scum off the top. Then …


OSECHI Ryori Japanese New Year’s special dishes

2017/12/04   -Washoku Note

OSECHI Ryori (OSECHI) is a special New Year’s dishes. Many kinds of dishes are put in  the boxes. These boxes is called “JU-BAKO”, and usually used 3 boxes. 1st Box(ICHI-no Ju) IWAI ZAKANA(3 kinds traditional dishes) AND KINTON, DATEMAKI, EBI etc… KUROMAME TAZUKURI(GOMAME) KAZUNOKO 2nd Box(NI-no Ju) Gurilled fishes and Vinegared foods BURI or Other fish NAMASU TATAKI GOBOU KOBUMAKI 3rd Box(SAN-no Ju) NIMONO(Simmered dishes)